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Maratrail de la Sambuy

48 km

2900 m 2900 m

Route map

Trail des Sources du Lac

29 km

1500 m 1500 m

Route map

Trail Découverte des Bauges

11.5 km

500 m 500 m

Route map
1 & 2 july 2017
Faverges (France, Savoie)

Resolutely nature, Trail Faverges Seythenex offers exceptional prism discovered in a strong commitment to promote foot race in the wild, while engaging in the respect of the environment. All aspects of this event will be able to dazzle the most austere.
This trail begins with two courses of a loop of 48 or 29 km already selected in the challenge of national Trails (FFA) and a discovery trail of 12 km. Departures and arrivals take place at Simon Berger Park Faverges where majestic trees prepare for breathtaking heights of the track.

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